Gifts For The Angry Birds Enthusiast On Your List

Okay, so we all know Angry Birds is THE hottest app on the market today.  Personally, I seem to be one of the few people caught up in the hype, but I know there are tons of people who like all things Angry Birds.  Even my four year old knows who they are and wants one of the stuffed animals she sees in the stores.  So, without further ado, here are a few awesome little Angry Birds inspired gifts you can buy.

Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game – Angry Birds game come to life.  Build, launch and destroy away from your device.  Kids of all ages (meaning adults too!) will love this!

Angry Birds: On Thin Ice Game – Second installment of the real time game.

Angry Birds 2012 Wall Calendar – Get the calendar so that your bird lover will see their favorite characters every day.

Angry Birds Clothing – There are some awesome shirts here for all ages.  My favorite clothing item has got to be one of the hats for kids.

Angry Bird Gummies – Can you say stocking stuffer?  Gummies of the popular Angry Bird characters.

Angry Birds Removable Wall Decals – Decorate your teens room with these wall decals so they can live Angry Birds

Angry Birds Fake Nails – Okay, so this may be a bit extreme, but many women love to decorate their nails in ways that don’t always make sense to me.  But, this is coming from someone who has never had nice nails!  Purchase these Angry Birds inspired fake nails for your favorite lady.

Angry Birds Walk Through – Are you or a friend stuck and can’t beat Angry Birds?  Check out this product that helps any user get passed their block.  Filled with videos and details, it’s sure to help you move on to the next level!