Create Meal Plans Easily With Menu Planner, iPhone And iPad – Giveaway

We’ve been told time and time again that planning your meals saves money and time.  Find just the right app to make it possible has been a challenge for me.  Most of them are lacking in some way or another.  Well, that is until I found Menu Planner by InnovaDev, LLC.

Can you say W.O.W?  I’m in love and working on creating a menu plan for my family.  We need to streamline the budget, and make things a bit easier, especially with baby #3 heading our way in a few short months!  The app has actually been in iTunes for about three years now, but has evolved.  The developer, being the smart man he is, took the advice of his wife and created Menu Planner.  She was looking for a way to plan meals and creating shopping lists without flipping between apps.

So, I thank you developer’s wife!  I’ve been left empty handed until now.  Menu planner not only allows you to plan your meals and shopping list, it is also and incredible recipe management system as well.  Recipes can be imported from over 35 websites including: Allrecipes, Betty Crocker, Epicurious, Food Network, and SparkPeople.  Ingredients, pictures, and directions are imported with a tap of the button. Personal recipes can be added to the database as well so that all of your family favorites can be incorporated into the meal plan.

You can view the planner monthly, weekly, or daily.  The monthly view allows you to filter by meal type, in case you didn’t want to look at all the meals for each day of the month.  When looking at the daily view, you have the option of adding a course, use or create a template meal plan, or emailing the daily plan.  I love the idea of emailing the daily plan! No more, What’s for dinner?!?!

Included in the app is an item management list.  This list is basically an ingredient list for every recipe in your database.  When working with this list, you can mark items as having on hand, add to your shopping list, and remind yourself that you have a coupon for it.

Once you’ve created a meal plan, you’ll be able to switch over to the shopping list to see what items you need to buy at the store.  Items that you’ve marked as having on hand, will not show up in this list.  This insures that you will have everything you need to cook your meal when you actually have it planned.

I honestly can’t say enough about this app.  It is a dream come true for me.  I’m not the most organized person, and I’m far from being that perfect stay at home mom who has everything together.  One app that handles a lot of the organization of meal planning -I’m in heaven!

Menu Planner is a Universal app and I have a few codes up for grabs for readers who are interested.  Please fill out the Rafflecopter form below to enter.  (if you do not see the form, please try viewing on the computer.  If you’re still having problems, please email me tina at techtools4mom dot com with your name and email so I can manually enter you)

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