iPhone WiFi Printing with AirPrint: Guest Post

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iPhones’ range of apps make it easy to complete a number of tasks, from practical apps like map and GPS finding, through to checking Wikipedia or accessing Facebook while on the move. One of the most useful apps and features available on the iPhone is AirPrint, a program that allows you to print from your phone through a WiFi network and a nearby wireless printer. Print outs can include everything from photos to documents. AirPrint is easy to use, and has many benefits. More details on WiFi printing, AirPrint, and some of the more technical details of using the app are outlined below:

1 – What is WiFi Printing?

Wi-Fi printing effectively refers to a cable-less form of printing. Rather than connecting and installing a printer to your computer through cables, you install a printer onto a home wireless network. The printer is connected to the network via a router, and will appear as a device that can be connected to from other computers on that network. Printing tasks can be sent to that printer from any place within the radius of the network, and multiple computers can access and queue up work on the printer.

2 – What Is AirPrint?

AirPrint is a feature app that Apple have designed to work on their iPhones and tablet devices like the iPad. It was introduced in 2011, and aims to make it easier to print out from smartphones and tablets without having to connect directly to a printer using cables. As with computers on a wireless network, an iPhone can use its 3G Internet to connect to a local network, and to access a printer. Printing can be enabled from word processors, other apps, and Internet browsers on a phone or tablet.

3 – What Printers Will Work with AirPrint

The majority of printers are now compatible with iPrint, and are designed to receive wireless signals and perform print outs. Some of the leading printer brands that should be looked out for in terms of quality and ease of use include Brother, Canon, EPSON, Hewlett Packard and Lexmark.

4 – How to Print

Printing using AirPrint is very simple. When using an iPhone, tap the action button, and select ‘Print’. The phone, when 3G enabled, will search for an available printer on the local Wi Fi network. If you have used a specific printer before, the phone will automatically connect to it. You may have to re enter a network password to use the printer, or may have to enter one specific for the printer. A printing queue can also be accessed via your phone to check on the progress of print jobs.

5 – Some Uses

Some of the key uses of AirPrint include being able to quickly print off important documents when you are in too much of a rush to open and connect your computer to a printer. AirPrint is particularly useful, in this respect, for printing off tickets, as well as any itineraries and specific information. You may also want to print off notes for a meeting, or a shopping list and receipts.

6 – Troubleshooting

Some problems may occur with AirPrint and wireless printing in general. If the phone says that it cannot connect to a local network or printer, check that your network signal is strong enough, and that the printer is switched on and enabled for wireless. Printers should become automatically available for wireless connection once  they and a router are switched on. You may also have to retry the network and its password a few times before connecting.


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Working in coordination with BTS Ltd, Christina Appleworth reviews how to use AirPrint technology to print over WiFi networks. BTS Ltd are a leading service provider and retailer of photocopiers and multifunction printers with over 16 years in the industry.