Your Smart Phone is Your Best Financial Tool: Saving Money with Apps

Smart phones are great for staying connected and for playing addicting games to pass some time. But did you know that your smart phone can save you money and help you to take control of your finances? Out of the thousands of apps available, there are quite a few that will keep some extra cash in your pockets.

1. Skype

With the Skype app you can make phone calls over your home Wi-Fi connection and at Wi-Fi hotspots. The app is free and so is making calls to other Skype users. You can add a little money to your Skype account to make calls to landline numbers and to non-users, which is still considerably cheaper than cell phone rates. Skype has an anti-shaking video call option, and you can also send text messages at great rates.

2. SuperMarket

If you’ve ever wondered whether it was a better deal to buy your soda in six-packs or in cases, then the SuperMarket app is ideal for you. The app supports six currencies and lets you choose between metric and imperial units. Compare your grocery items by quantity and price, and let SuperMarket figure out your best buy.

3. Yowza!!

Yowza!! helps you save money by using coupons. This free app notifies you when your favorite stores. Get grocery coupons, clothing store coupons, and even online coupons like a TigerDirect, or Newegg coupon. It keeps you up to date on all the coupons available in your city based on your zip code search. You can share the great deals with family and friends on Twitter and Facebook, or through email. The best part about Yowza!! is that the coupons are kept right there are your smart phone, saving on the use of paper. Pick up your items at your favorite stores and have the cashier scan the coupon barcodes on your smart phone.

4. GasBuddy

The GasBuddy is a helpful app to help you find the cheapest gas prices during these fluctuating days on the go. Using GasBuddy, you can easily locate gas stations near you by searching a state, city, or zip code. View and compare current gas prices before making a trip to a gas station. GasBuddy even rewards you for updating prices. Report a gas price and earn points toward their prize give-away.

5. ShopSavvy

Before making an expensive purchase, you should check the price with the ShopSavvy app. ShopSavvy allows you to scan the barcode on an item and compare the price to other local stores. You can also look for better deals in online stores. With ShopSavvy, you can find the best deal and make purchases online at leading stores like Wal-Mart and Best Buy, straight from your smart phone.

6. is the best finance app which allows you to keep track of all your money spending. Add all of your bank accounts to one app, and use the transaction record to record all of your purchases. With you can easily track your cash flow, and will never have to ask “where did all my money go?”

Nora Hartman resides in a small town about 15 miles from Hershey, Pennsylvania, where she is kept busy as a working single mother. Writing is not only her passion, but her perfect excuse for escaping for some quiet alone time and her foundation for her future goals.

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